Innovate Co-Creation

Increase the value of collaborative formats

Toshiba is a worldwide acknowledged corporation and striving for innovation in technological development ever since. Since the discipline of Service Design raised and Co-Creation had been implemented successfully into organizational structures of major competitors, Toshiba started to apply it as well. But as it is cost- and time-intensive, the top management could not see its value for the company.

To explore how Co-Creation is perceived and conducted at the moment at Toshiba, we held individual speed interviews with Toshiba designers, employees and managers and spread a written questionnaire about Co-Creation among two departments. The insights that we gleaned revealed that Toshiba is facing different challenges regarding the implementation of Co-Creation. Silo-Structures between several Toshiba businesses, no common understanding of Co-Creation at Toshiba beyond the Design Center and a company mentality that focusses a lot on success prevents Co-Creation from being conducted successfully. 

When developing the workshop structure and -tools itself we focused on the different problematic fields that were discovered in the research: different expectations of the workshop, a lack of space for experi-ments, strict hierarchies that are also culturally anchored, and the difficulty of communicating new meth-ods to employees. For example, the workshop started with the participants having to change into com-fortable slippers - a common procedure in Japan when entering the home - to adjust to the new situa-tion and create an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable. Within the workshop format we designed, it is possible to take risks, participate free of responsibility and judgment and exchange ideas on an eye level.


Tokyo, 2017

Collaboration between Toshiba, Chiba Univerity and Köln International School of Design

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