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Inter-, Trans- and Inbetween Fashion

For the purpose of the project was to create a garment that is gender sensitive. Fashion expresses the wearer‘s personality and character. As people do not identify only as female or male there is a need to express this feeling also in fashion. By producing a shape, which has no recognizable physique, which is cleft, broken and tender at the same time, we avoided being neither male nor female. Our thought to blur these boundaries and to reach a certain level of genderfluidity directed us straight to something blasting: fog.

Soon we found out that our focus should not be on the cut or shape of a piece. In producing something we would already insert some of our being and character. A male or female touch would be the outcome. So we decided to focus on the material itself, a material, which has no gender, no attitudes, and prejudices. We were looking for a material without qualities, properties or nature. In fact, we were looking for a passive material. Dry Ice and boiling water is the most sophisticated way to produce thick and constant fog. It became clear that a backpack which carries and produces the fog had to be built. The fog is then channeled onto the user’s body and coveres the person in a cloth of dust which is nothing but reacted and affected by its wearer and surrounding.

Cologne, 2014

Köln International

School of Design

Thanks for that great collaboration Paul Claussen

exhibited at:

"BLUE +Pink >> Rethink"

Hamburg, 07.04 - 17.4.2015

Berlin, 28.04. -25.05.2015


published in:

Cubic Journal, 2019 

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